Other therapies

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s. Its creators claim a connection between. 1)The neurological processes (“neuro”), relates to what’s going on in your head, 2)language (“linguistic”) refers not only to the words you use in your communication, but also your body language and how to use it, 2) (Programming), behavioral patterns learned through experience and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

Bandler and Grinder also claim that NLP can treat problems such as phobias, depression, habits feelings of being stuck, psychosomatic illnesses, communication problems, faulty thinking, and learning disorders. Basically NLP enables you to understand what makes you tick, how you think, how you feel. Armed with this understanding, your whole life, work and play can be renewed.

EMI – Eye Movement Integration is used for resolving issues such as Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, intrusive memories, trauma, phobias, grief, shame, guilt, stress/anxiety. its a way of taking the emotional pain out of a memory, the memory will be there but the pain will be gone. The client does not have to discuss or talk about traumatic issues. It works on the premise of when our eyes move we access specific parts of the processing functions in our brain. When we re-access memories, certain parts of our brain become active. We work with the breath and use a mix of NLP and humour to shift trauma. This therapy is good for clients who find it uncomfortable to talk about their issues or perhaps they feel bad but don’t know why, then this therapy is perfect for you.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Therapy, is a meridian therapy, which can be traced back to their earliest origins of acupressure and Shiatsu. EFT was developed by Gary Craig. The basic principles of EFT consist of tapping on acupressure points, relating to different areas of the body: lungs, larger bowel, stomach, spleen, heart, small bowel, urinary bladder, kidney, gall bladder, liver.

The client states the issue they wish to work on and uses a set up statement to focus intent, and the therapist and client works together to shift any issues. This is connected with “Brain Gym”. This therapy brings together the left and right side of the brain, bringing balance back into the body.

EFT is effective for a whole range of issues:

  • Fears and phobias, e.g. a fear of flying, fear of public speaking etc.
  • Panic attacks
  • PTSD/trauma
  • Stress/anxiety/confidence
  • Can be used to eliminate cravings
  • Stop Smoking/Alcohol/Over Eating
  • Sleep disorders, any other issues.

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