Stress Management

A2BDXAC48Y (1)I offer a six week course on stress and relaxation, health and wellbeing. It will give you the tools to reduce stress in your every day life.

During the six sessions, the course will take the format of lessons and meditations.  The course is insightful, sensitive and good fun. At the same time it’s full of information we already know but have forgotten.

It is very effective is helping cope with stress in your life.

What’s it all about?

Take a moment to really ask yourself. Can you remember a time when you weren’t stressed? What does happiness feel like? What things make you happy, when was the last time you asked yourself this! We all have busy lives, and with the continuous bombardment of social media sites, we never get time to rest our weary minds. We are too busy striving, goal setting, paying bills, pushing ourselves and our loved ones, how about hitting that pause button and take time to re assess.

Steady though it’s not an invitation to walk out of your job or away from your responsibilities, it’s just time to take stock and do what makes “You” happy. Follow your bliss” and if you are happy everything else falls into place. We can re-evaluate which areas in our life are working or which areas needs more work.

What is stress?

Stress is described as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Here’s what the course offers . . . 

Week 1

What is stress, recognising the symptoms, the difference between stress, anxiety & depression? Everyone has stress in their lives; it’s how we cope with it, and how to take action before stress becomes a problem.

Week 2

Recognizing we have it, and getting help, not being so hard on ourselves, dealing with unwanted emotions which are holding us back and keeping us stuck. Tips to stop over thinking.

Week 3

Looking at what our stressors are and how to minimize the negative and maximize the positive. Watching for signs of stress and taking action, before it’s an issue, using Mindfulness as a tool for change.

Week 4

Using tools and techniques for lasting change, coping with life’s demands, coping with change and moving forward, bringing back balance into your lives. Looking after ourselves, 50 ways to self-care and the art of happiness

Week 5

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) to release self-imposed blocks and limitations and the power of positive thinking, using power words, and affirmations.

Week 6

Sleep Issues. Sleep Advice. Tools and Techniques for a restful sleep.

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