Weight loss

2LENISRVU6Weight Loss is a personal journey, it’s no one else’s.

Never compare yourself to others when it comes to losing weight. We are all made up differently and lose weight in our own way. Sometimes you can feel alone. With care and guidance, and a tailor made package solely for you, you will be on your way to a slimmer, healthier new you!

At the beginning of my career, I trained to be a professional chef. I worked with special diets to help nourish people and help them with their recovery. This background helps me understand your journey.

By being truthful with yourselves, by taking charge and being committed to losing weight, you will get the weight loss you want!

Weight is never just about over eating, it can be a reward after a hard days work, it can be used as an anaesthetic to life’s problems. We see food as a celebration, but sometimes we celebrate too much . . .

If we feel we are under valued, if we have a break-up and food can be seen as a comfort – hence the statement “comfort food” – food is used to fill the void within.

Emotional issues can’t be filled by food, getting to the source of our anguish can.

Weight loss is not a quick fix, it takes time, after all, you took a certain amount of time to put the weight on, it will take some time to take off again. But the good news is that with a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, and Cognitive techniques you will have tools for positive change to manage your weight issues.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy: Should be done as part of a weight loss plan, and includes all the sessions below, and can be paid in installments or by using PayPal. (on occasion clients sometimes just want the Gastric Band Treatment, they perhaps have went through all the diets, know all the right things to eat, know themselves, so we can do 3 session including the virtual gastric band session, this costs £180.

or the full package of 5 sessions, get the 6th for free.

WEIGHT LOSS SESSIONS – What to expect . . .

  • Session 1 – At this stage, we will gather back ground information about you and your eating habits, what underlying issues are causing YOU to overeat. This session takes about 2 hours. We will look at your motivation to lose weight. Are you taking enough care of yourself?
  • Session 2 – We will look at eating habits, times you eat, what types of food, what the triggers are when you overeat, problem foods, etc. We will look at exercising more, setting realistic goals, and self-help activities. We will look at foods which heal; you will take away an understanding of what foods and good for you – and why some foods are not your friend.
  • Session 3 – Dealing with your emotions and learning how to relax, diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness (bringing one’s complete attention to the present, on a moment to moment basis) coping strategies, dealing with guilt, hypnotherapy.
  • Session 4 – Inner strength, anchoring, perseverance and determination, looking back over the last few weeks, visualization and positive re-enforcement, Hypnosis.
  • Session 5 – Virtual Gastric Band Operation, if required, normally at this stage, you have already made progress, we also look at deeper issues.
  • Session 6 – Follow-up session, checking your progress, any other questions.
    CDs, journals and materials are all included in the cost.

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